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Bleach: Memento Mori

- is a MUSH using the A3 System.
- is a game with an alternate setting and play world based on the original work 'BLEACH' by Tite Kubo.
- has an original theme that takes the game into an alternate setting, and away from the canon of the Anime or Manga.

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Technical Details

We use PennMush for our game.

Our game has been tested on the following clients:

~ Atlantis
~ Mush Client
~ Potato
~ Pueblo

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We use and are part of the development of the A3 System. A3 is the product of many years experience in MU*ing and design, from it's creator, MrWiggles. A3 is intended to serve multiple facets of games that follow the Shonen theme or style, and makes efforts to solve many of the issues of portrayal of the various elements in the multitude of Shonen series. We, are proud to be developing the system along side MrWiggles, creator of the system and of the MUSH, Navitas: The City Limits.

Game Status

Bleach: Memento Mori is currently in stages of development and not open yet for play. We are anticipating an OPEN ALPHA Phase beginning in mid May 2013. Players will be able to help us test the various systems we have implemented, including:

  • Character Generation
  • Merits
  • The game world grid
  • A3 Action, Arbriter, and Alteration Systems
  • Logging
  • RP rewards

Connection Info and Links


Navitas: The City Limits MUSH info on Bay12 Forums
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